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Hilde Lotz-Bauer
Why are Hilde's towers not leaning over?

Torrei dei Donati with converging verticals – original image found on Wikipedia

By Robbie Griffiths

With ordinary cameras, if you take a photo of a tall building by pointing the camera upwards, the sides of the building will appear to get closer (or converge) – leaning into one another. This is known as 'Converging Verticals'. You wouldn't make a living as a photographer of architecture if this was the result you produced.

The way to avoid this is to ensure that the camera's film (or glass plate) or with a digital camera it's sensor, is upright – parallel to the building. But with an ordinary camera, unless you tilt it up you will lose the top of the building.

Hilde Lotz-Bauer
Torrei dei Donati by Hilde

This problem was resolved for Hilde by purchasing a camera where the lens could be tilted while keeping the sensor (glass plate) upright. The simple wonders of a camera with bellows!

Linhof 9x12 - Hilde owned this model of camera


2 May 2020