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Hilde Lotz-Bauer
Helga Fietz

Hilde Lotz Bauer, photographer
Corinna & Irene in their Abstract Expressionist period

Biography - Helga Ebert/Franke/Fietz

Travels with Hilde

Helga FietzHelga was a good friend of Hilde's, the family friendship being continued to this day through her daughter Cornelie and the Lotz offspring, Christoph, Irene & Corinna as well as Robbie. She was best known for her photographic portraits of the artist Max Beckmann, one of which is owned by Tate. See also these portraits on Artnet.

Hilde & Helga travelled together around the Abruzzo in the 1930's when Helga was then married to Günther Franke, the art dealer. They jointly provided material for a photo essay in a German illustrated newspaper, Beyers für Alle - Die Große Familien-Illustrierte (1937-38 Vol. 17), published by Verlag Otto Beyer in Leipzig. 'Helga Franke' provided six photos and 'Dr. Degenhardt-Bauer' two.

Helga Fietz & Hilda Lotz-Bauer photos
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Photos of Lotz family

After the war Helga made a number of portraits of the Lotz family; a series of natural shots of Wolfgang (with pipe) and a photograph of Irene & Corinna which made the front page of the Munich Illustrierter Merkur of 8 December 1951, Nr. 16. A little different to the glamour shots that contemporaries were accustomed to.

Helga Fietz photo Illustrierter Merkur glamour cover
Compare and contrast!

Corinna also featured on page 3. The early colour photograph at the top of this page was taken at the same time.

More photos of Corinna

Helga Fietz photo

Helga Fietz photo

Helga Fietz photo

Negatives and contact strip

Helga Fietz negative

Helga Fietz negative

Helga Fietz negative

Helga Fietz contact strip